Father + Daughter

We're a father/daughter team of makers working together to reshape how small businesses connect to people.

Kaila and Snapper Cridge

About Us

Snap Creative is the father and daughter design team of Kaila and Snapper Cridge. Two creators helping companies understand the importance of good design. We work remotely from New Castle, Indiana and Charleston, South Carolina, serving both local businesses and businesses abroad.

We are intentionally small, but possess the skills and experience to help you grow your dream idea.

Why We're Different

We listen to you

Refining your brand and designing websites and apps is more than adding images, colors and words on a page — It's about forming a partnership and working together.

Your input is important to guide our work and to help us transform your ideas into something that reflects your brand and drive real, meaningful results for your business.

—And we cannot do that without your input.

We're not marketers (well...sorta)

You might be thinking, "I thought websites, logos and all that branding stuff is marketing?", and you'd be 100% correct.

But, it's not about intricate ad campaigns and spending tons of money, it's about designing for people instead of at them. —And no one knows your customers better than you do.

We help with strategic advice to create a plan to keep your brand fresh in people's minds. You'll have what you need to make simple, but effective connections, the right way.

We'll work great together if you're...

  • On board with leaving the details of designing your website, app or brand to us.
  • Willing to listen
  • Capable of offering input and feedback.
  • Able to make business decisions without a "committee".
  • All about keeping your customers happy.
  • Okay with a little constructive criticism.
  • Able to keep to a schedule.
  • Not annoyed by being asked why.
  • Open to change and new ideas.

If you are a "that's me" on at least 3 of those, then we'll be a great fit for each other.

We're might not the best choice if you...

  • Need a "quick" website.
  • Just need someone to help you get online.
  • Need to control all aspects of the design.
  • Struggle completing tasks on time.
  • Don't have time to be involved in the process.
  • Haven't thought about a budget for a new design project.
  • Want us to build your site in Wordpress.

Sometimes we're not the right fit, but that doesn't mean we can't or wont help you. It never hurts to ask.

We believe that... We believe that…

01. being kind matters

Time and resources are wasted when you take the low road to anything you say or do. In the arena of kindness, there are times being kind takes a little more grit than normal. But while negativity can lead at halftime, kindness always wins the game.

02. People aren't numbers

A product shouldn't be designed based on metrics as a goal. Instead we focus on helping humans on their journey. Digital products are always becoming more intuitive, but sometimes at the cost of your privacy. We are committed to creating products that are helpful, while staying mindful of why and how people use them.

03. small teams stand out

Growth is great, but it’s okay to be (and stay) small. Small teams are great at tackling big problems. Big teams tend to get in each other’s way. Being small means we can focus better on the best way to work with you instead just for you.

04. Change is the best skill to master

We are not in the business of going backward, but progress isn't always a straight line forward. It time and dedication to work in a field that is always changing. A great leap forward often requires taking two steps back, but sometimes, all that's required is the will to jump.

Let's talk cost for a second

I started Snap Creative to help companies. It's never been about selling you design services. It's about investing time and being realistic about yourself and your business goals. In return, we work tirelessly to give you unparalleled value for your investment.

Websites & Development

Beautifully designed and laser focused on bringing you to customers. Clean, fast-loading and responsive. Built to work on any device.

Starting at $4500

Mobile Apps

Like our websites...designed for humans. Built with today's standards with focus on usability, and accessibility.

Starting at $10,000

Visual Identity

Logos and print packages designed to help you promote your business visually, organically, physically and digitally.

Starting at $2500

"Since our new website launched, we've had nothing but praise from members and the community. We cannot say enough about the amazing service Snap Creative provides."

Headshot of Executive Director Chris Williams

— Chris Williams / Henry County YMCA

"Everything looks amazing. I feel like all this stuff makes us look more like a serious restaurant, but still with our mom and pop feel"
Tracy D standing front of 1000º's famous wood fired brick oven

— Tracy Draper / 1000º Wood Fired Pizza

"It had been 7 years with the same website…it was time for a fresh new look. I’m very proud of what Snapper created. He went over and beyond my expectations."
DJ Brian in front of his vintage blue radio mic

— Brian Harris / Brian Harris Entertainment

"A large part of our growth is a direct result of the work Snap Creative has done for Jack's...and I wouldn't trust anyone else to do it."
Lee Marcum with a super cheesy grin.

— Lee Marcum / Jack's Donuts