Last updated: Feb 01, 2020
February 21, 2020

1. Redesign / Here we go! (again)

It's that time again. Our process, some new technologies, some awesome programming updates, some great new services and a new platform. We are redesigning and it's going to be faster, more responsive, cleaner, and easier to update. This will be the best version we've made and will give us a good 3-4 years of life before we need to change it. Let's go!!! (record skid)

Yep, that was me at the beginning of 2019 working feverishly to get a new version of our site up and running to include our new marketing, app design and branding services. Truth is, I found myself revising it, re-revising and then re-re-revising it again. And then, NoCode Conference happened. A pivotal moment for me and my decade old business. My vision, clearer than it had been in the 20+ years I'd been designing. I met new people had new ideas, and clearer sense of purpose...helping small businesses grow a sustainable business through design. I was ready to...


Hadn't I said this before? Yep. It's why I started this business in the first place.

That's where I was about a week ago. When I was "updating" things yet again, trying to capture our simplistic approach to design and then it hit me; we have a keen sense of how to help small businesses solve the everyday problems they face, and an effective process in doing it. So, this time around I'd decided to follow that process. But, like the numerous times I'd updated things before, the haste of trying to "get it right" and capture who we are, I got in deep, spent way to much time on the tiny details (like I always do), abandoned the process and rushed a great website into something I hated.

Frustrated, I deleted the whole thing* and that's how we got here. *Technically I didn't completely delete the site since I always have backups.

So I went all Frank Chimero (just plain fed up)

And here it is,, in the (damn near) raw. No fancy illustrations or animations. No javascript (except for what's needed to render our typefaces and marketing automation). A simple, but meaningful site to tide us over until we are ready to launch our new website, through the process I've spent the past 5 years perfecting, with my daughter (who's now my partner in this ship), the right way. And we're inviting you to join us on the journey.

Snapper's face and head uncut and unshaven.
Oh so scruffy

I know we're going to get it right. For my own sanity, and the sanity of my loved ones. I tend to get a bit lazy and scruffy during these times ;)

1. Redesign / Here we go! (again)
Expectations and why we're doing it.