1000º Wood Fired Pizza

Services Provided

Visual identity, website design and development, print design

The Challenge

A pizza shop in rural America isn't very easy to find, but no one could stop talking about this amazing pizza off the highway "that you'd never find if you weren't looking for it, even then it's not easy". Our challenge was to get 1000º Wood Fired Pizza online to and get people's taste buds fired up before they arrived.

Our Approach

We wanted to showcase their commitment to authentic and naturally sourced ingredients along with the insanely good customer service that sets them apart from the "other guys". But most importantly, their customers needed be able to find them.



Customers wanted to know what's on the menu and what they daily specials were. Finding the shop was also challenge since a lot of the streets in the county the shop lies are the same name city to city. We decided to put the menu front and center and made finding and contacting the shop easy.

Menu page on 1000 pizza dot com.
Removing the extra menu items made finding and contact 1000º less of a challenge when on the go.
Mobile view of menu page for 1000 pizza dot com.
"I didn't really understand how important this website was until we launched it. It's helped our business 10 fold."

— Darrell Draper - Co-Owner

Multiple screen views of 1000 pizza dot com.

Print Design

We needed to come up with a menu that could display all of 1000º Wood Fired Pizza's menu items descriptions on a two sided menu. We decided to go with a larger 11×14 card stock and put all the focus on typography. The fonts needed to match the website, be small enough to allow all menu items to fit, but still be legible.

Front view of dine-in menu
A stack of dine-menus back-side up.
"The colors pop off the page and I really like how it feels, it's almost like silk"

— Tracy Draper, Owner