Henry County YMCA

Services Provided

Website design, content creation, brand consulting

The Challenge

One of the hardest things to convince organizations is that need to have a plan of action to keep their presence online consistently updated. With busy schedules and programs that are constantly rotating, it was hard for the staff at Henry County YMCA to keep updating their website a priority.

Our Approach

Our challenge was to redesign the website to not only make it easy for them to keep it updated, but to rework their every-growing navigation so it made sense to their members. The biggest part of that challenge was to stay within The Y USA's brand guidelines, but make them relevant to our community.


Website redesign

We've been working with Henry Crounty YMCA since 2010. This was the third update we've made to for them, but by far the most challenging. New branding guidelines as well as changes to the national message made this a complete redesign.

Henry County YMCA dot org homepage viewed on a tablet.
Henry County YMCA dot org homepage on a mobile device.
A volunteer preparing to fill out a event volunteer form on the Henry County YMCA dot org website.
A big step from the previous website was designing and building this project in Webflow. It's changed how we maintain and update this and most of our other projects.
The Webflow editor screen on Henry County YMCA dot org.
"Snapper...You are an extraordinarily talented person and this community really needs your creativity and skill."

— Christy Ragle - Outside Marketing