Jack's Donuts

Services Provided

Website design and development, mobile app design, content creation

The Challenge

For three generations the people of New Castle, Indiana have been standing in line for their favorite fix of donuts and coffee. Jack's Donuts has been as staple there since 1961. Our challenge was to help them meet that demand so they could keep with their hometown roots.

Our Approach

People are more on the go than they've ever been and most are creatures of habit. We needed to bridge the gap between younger customers born into a digital world with long time customers who are still learning to navigate through it.



Jack's has a clear vision about where they were going, but it was important to highlight where they came from. Family is at the core value of their company and an important part of their brand.

Founder Jack Marcum Sr. and Gary Marcum. Circa 1961
Online franchise form on Jack's Donuts dot com.
Our new challenge is to refocus their web presence to embrace their customers nationwide. 2019 will bring a new website to face that challenges head on.
Work in progress screens of Jack's Donuts dot com 2.0.

Mobile App

Our design partnership with Jack's started in 2012 right after they opened their first Franchise in Fishers, Indiana. That fostered a relationship with them and their customers to design an app that would give them what they needed. A way to easily find their nearest location, create and pay for an order and pick it up, avoiding the lengthy lines and beating the morning rush to get their donuts and coffee truly on the go.

Jack's Donuts App menu screens.
We don't need crazy animations and all the extra stuff. Just a simply way to order coffee and donuts.

— Dave Nantz, Chief Branding Officer

Splash screen for Jack's Donuts mobile app
Jack's Mobile app location select screen.
"A large part of our growth is a direct result of the work Snap Creative has done for Jack's...and I wouldn't trust anyone else to do it."

— Lee Marcum, CEO