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You've probably never heard of Mt. Summit Indiana (pop. 335). But, that didn't stop owner Tracy Draper from opening a pizza destination that's now being talked about from Chicago to Texas!


A pizza shop in rural America isn't very easy to find, but those that found it couldn't stop talking about this amazing pizza place off the highway "that you'd never find if you weren't looking for it, even then it's not easy".

How we did it

Mt. Summit is a small (very small) community and not widely known for food of any kind, much less authentic wood fired pizza. We leveraged simpleSEO and their social media presence to make it easy for customers to find them.

Mobile with a purpose

By moving additional navigation to a menu button, we made finding the restaurant and contacting customer service. Then we refocused the home page on daily lunch specials for customers on the go.

Mobile view of menu page for 1000 pizza dot com.

Always tell your story

This is important with any business, but it's at the heart of small town America so customers can identify and connect with the real people that work tirelessly to bring exceptional food and customer service.

Multiple screen views of Story and home page on 1000 pizza dot com on both iPhone and iPad

Of course a freshly designed website should also be accompanied by equally fresh menus.

A stack showing the back side of 1000º Wood Fired Pizza's new Dine in menu.

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