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A new look and new services from a wedding DJ ready to dive into a new market and bring his vision to reality.

When Brian decided to ramp up DJing and emceeing events outside of his wildly successful professional wedding events, he asked us for an update to an already great website to incorporate new content and a new brand.

A new look and new services from a wedding DJ ready to dive into a new market and bring his vision to reality.
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  • Mobile app design
  • Interface design
  • Visual Development
A home page screen shot of Brian Harris' original website when he hired us in 2013. Then called All Music By Design dot com.
Brian's original site in 2009
Our first version of BrianHarrisEntertainment.com


We had a major advantage with this client. Brian DJed two weddings in our family, so we had a lot of concept, content and imagery to be able to create a website that focused on his clients. Brian's ability to ask the right questions gives him a sense of understanding about his client very few in his industry can match. We made that our main focus without making the site just about him.

Plan of Action

Brian's style isn't just presentation and sound, it's also the visual imprint he leaves on his clients. To capture that, we added high-resolution, full screen images to each page from his most recent events and coupled those with testimonials from his past clients, vendors and experts.


Brian's website has helped him grow his non-wedding event clients by 300%. He is one of the most sought out DJs in the Dayton Ohio area and now also one of the easiest to find and connect with online.

These guys leave no stone unturned. Every detail matters and they show that in their knowledge and workmanship. I wouldn't trust anyone else.
—Brian Harris, Owner, Brian Harris Entertainment
See the site

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