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Website design, front-end development, content creation

We hired Brian for our wedding in 2009. It gave me a rare insight into his business when he hired us to redesign his website in 2013. In 2019 we were asked to refresh the site to incorporate a new brand and new services.



When Brian began getting hired to DJ and emcee events outside of his wildly successful professional weddings, he felt he needed an update to his website to showcase his social, corporate and Sweet 16 events.

How we did it

In order to hit this new market, we needed to leverage the testimonials from his past wedding clientele. Showcasing his testimonials from past clients along with the network of professionals he's worked with over the years showed his authenticity and ability to adapt in different environments.

Brian's style isn't just presentation and sound, it's also the visual imprint he leaves on his clients. To capture that, we added high-resolution, full screen images to the backgrounds of each page from his most recent events.

Full screens of Ceremony and About page on Brian Harris Entertainment dot com.

Before & after

We've come a long way in the 6 years we've worked with Brian...

AllMusicByDesign in 2009 in 2013