Quick Summary

Since 2010 we've worked with the Y to help bring new programs and resources to their members online.

When a new brand and new marketing plans were implemented, we worked with the Y to update the site to include a new suite of programs and online resources. We also trained key staff members on how to keep the website fresh while staying within the new National Y guidelines.

Since 2010 we've worked with the Y to help bring new programs and resources to their members online.
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  • Mobile app design
  • Interface design
  • Visual Development

Starting Point

Our challenge was to help them schedule updates and make it easy for them to keep the website updated. We also tackled helping them stay within the Y's new national guidelines while keeping all the changes relevant to our community.


As the Y is challenged to meet the demands of its ever-growing membership. We simplified the site's navigation to help members easily find programs and services. We also integrated a new online registration service to reduce the amount of friction between members and staff and drive traffic to their mobile app to register for programs and stay on track.

Screenshot of online registration categories and program search.

Plan of Action

We designed a set a style guides for them to follow and worked directly with their internal staff and marketing to teach them how to keep the website updated and clean. Using tools like Zapier and Coda, we were able take advantage of hands-off changes and keeping new content updated.

An Important Platform Shift

A big step from the previous website was designing and building this project in Webflow. Using Webflow's powerful Editor and made making necessary updates a breeze for the staff.

The pages screen in the Webflow editor for Henry County YMCA dot org.


The Y's mobile app has become a [mainstay] for members to use for staying up-to-date

Person tapping on the intro video on Henry County YMCA dot org homepage viewed on a tablet.
Mobile view of Henry County YMCA dot com an Samsung Galaxy 8.
We've had a great relationship with Snap Creative over the years we've worked with them. They've helped us understand the importance of what our website means to our membership.
—Chris Williams, CEO, Henry County YMCA
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