Henry County YMCA

Building a better us

Web / Design / Development / Content / Copywriting / Brand management
Community is at the heart of Henry County YMCA. We've been working with them since 2010 and once again we were called upon to redesign their website with a focus on inclusion and opportunity.


The Y is always facing new challenges and smaller communities depend on YMCA's across the country to help meet those challenges. Like most small community YMCAs, staff schedules are really tight. This causes important website updates to get lost in the fray of day-to-day operations. Our challenge was to help them schedule updates and make it easy for them to keep the website updated. We also tackled helping them stay within new national guidelines while keeping changes relevant to their specific community.

How we did it

We leveraged their anonymous membership data on gender, age and program usage to simplify the sites navigation so members could easily find the programs and services the Y offers. We also made it up front and easy to find schedules, apply for membership and donate online.

Person tapping on the intro video on Henry County YMCA dot org homepage viewed on a tablet.
Mobile view of Henry County YMCA dot com an Samsung Galaxy 8.

A major platform shift

A big step from the previous website was designing and building this project in Webflow. Using Webflow's powerful Editor made making changes a breeze for the staff. This was one of our first project with this platform and it's helped us rethink how we design, maintain and update web projects.

The pages screen in the Webflow editor for Henry County YMCA dot org.

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