Jack's Donuts

Coffee + donuts…faster

App / Prototyping / Design / Product copy / Development
Jack's needed a way to get their award winning donuts and coffee in the hands of 21st century customers that would fit into their busy lifestyles. We're redefining the customer service with their new mobile app.

What they needed

Making donuts by hand is what made Jack's Donuts famous, but slow isn't how customers think (or live). Jack's donuts customers needed a faster and more convenient way to grab their favorite donuts and coffee, especially mornings on their way to work.

Prototype & test

Iteration after iteration and test after test, we sought to make things as easy possible while reducing the complications that most food apps are prone to. The more we tested, the more revised. The process was great for weeding out the things the app needed without the overhead of the things it did not.

Initial stage prototype of the Jack's Donuts mobile app done in Sketch and tested in Invision.

Personalized and frictionless

The Jack's Donuts mobile app gives customers a tailored experience by allowing them to choose their preferred location and customize their order down to the number of espresso shots in their frappe. We incorporated pick up times and in-app payment so all they have to do walk in, say their name and grab their order.

Login and account set up screen in Jack's Donuts mobile app.

Jack's staff is equally important

Along with the mobile app we worked closely with data app developer Gamma Point to customize a solution that simplified receiving, staging and processing orders so customers could get what they ordered without out adding extra steps or complications. To help the staff further, we worked directly with Cubinote to create a custom solution for their award winning sticky note printer. This helped speed up the process of order staging by avoiding time wasted fumbling with staplers and tape.

iOS notification from the Donut Desk app of a new order being received on an iPad Pro.
Inside the Donut Desk app viewing a new order that's being processed for pick up.
Jack's Donuts Donut Desk app icon in multiple sizes and what it looks like on an iPad screen
Two sets of custom icons created for the mobile app and Jack's Donut Desk
Jack's Donuts Mobile app icon in multiple sizes and what it looks like on an iPhone Ten screen

The future of Jack's Donuts is here.

Mockup of Apple App Store Jack's Donuts mobile app page. Includes location, drink order and pickup time screens in the app.

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