Jack's Donuts everywhere

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Jack's Donuts came to us in 2012 for help launching their online store. They saw what we working on and asked us to revamp the entire website. Since then, we've worked with them as both a design and in-house brand consultant.



For three generations, the residents of New Castle Indiana have been lining up for their favorite fix of donuts and coffee. Jack's Donuts has been as staple here since 1961. Jack (Lee) Marcum III took the reigns in 2011 signaling a new era of Jack's Donuts as they began to franchise.

Our challenge was to help them meet that demand while maintaining their hometown roots. We needed to bridge the gap between younger customers born into a connected world with long time customers who are still learning to navigate through it.

How we did it

Working with CEO Lee Marcum, we set a goal of making things easy for potential franchisees to find Jack's Donuts and begin the process of applying for a new franchise directly online. This helped Jack's grow their locations from 2 franchises to 7 in the first year.

Focus on Family

Family and community are at the core of their company and an important part of their brand. Jack's had a clear vision about where they were going, but it was important to also show where they came from. We highlighted the Marcum family's commitment to community and showed how that relationship helped them grow.

Founder Jack Marcum Sr. and Gary Marcum. Circa 1961

Our new challenge is to refocus their web presence to embrace their customers nationwide. 2019 will bring a new website to face that challenges head on.

Work in progress screens of Jack's Donuts dot com 2.0.
An all new Jack's Donuts website launching 2019 along side a new Jack's Donuts mobile app