Quick Summary

New branding and a website to bring awareness and help parents find critical resources they need at the most difficult moment in their life.

We partnered with Kids R Golden to simplify the process of gathering critical information, offering support, and supplying resources to parents after discovering their child has been diagnosed with cancer.

New branding and a website to bring awareness and help parents find critical resources they need at the most difficult moment in their life.
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  • Mobile app design
  • Interface design
  • Visual Development

*Note: Kids R Golden dissolved in 2019 and this project has now been archived as a template.

Starting Point

The emotional toll that is forced upon a parent after their young child is diagnosed with cancer can be devastating. There are thousands of resources available to parents in need, but the process to obtain them can be exhausting. Kids R Golden approached us to create a space to help parents find medical, financial, social, and motivational support when they needed it the most.


Our design revolved around helping parents find a single destination to discover financial resources, understand what their child has been diagnosed with, safely and securely process their personal information and connect with a case manager.

Plan of Action

We set up function using Typeform and Zapier to automate the process of collecting critical information and delivering it not only to the parents who needed it, but directly to the many resources available to help them on their journey. The automation also delivered necessary information to the case manager working with the family.

We also worked with them to replace their outdated clipart logo and tidy up their mission and message to create a new brand that better reflected their mission of connecting families, resources and communities together.


With a new website, new process, new brand and message, Kids r Golden saw a 320% increase in overall traffic, but more importantly, they saw a 200% increase in form submissions. This allowed them to focus working with families directly after initial contact and gather the rest of the information as the automation process continued.

It was the attention to detail and ability to help us see the journey of families in need. It's wasn't a guessing game...it was real interaction with real people to meet their needs.
—Ashley York, Board Chair, Kids r Golden
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